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'Reconsider the splitting of Volta Region' - Government told

Comment: Re: Splitting the Volta Reg. Could Backfire

Maka a maka
2018-11-05 17:07:30
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Splitting the Volta Reg. Could Backfire

The people in the proposed Oti Region want a region carved out of the current Volta Region, and the Constitution confers on them that right. The problem that Ewes have, is that they consider the Volta Region as Ewe Region, and therefore other ethnic groups do not exist. If they would remove their blinkers, they would discover that the Volta Region is inhabited by people from every ethnic group in Ghana, all of whom are indigenous to the region. The "Ghana 2010 Population & Housing Census Regional Analytical Report: Volta Region" page (1), has this to say: The region is the longest of the regions and has all the ecological zones and ethnic grlups found in Ghana living in it as indigenes". So why do Ewes claim the region to be exclusively theirs? Oti Region will come, and if the Ewes attack the north the northerners will defend themselves, and the Republic will come to their aid. Ghana is fed up with the relentless Ewe threat of war. Let these unreasonable and violent people do their worst now. Better still, let them secede with Eweland in the south, and leave Ghana in peace. After all in the plebiscite they voted to remain Togolese. Their union with Ghana has brought only political instability and bloodshed.

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11-05 15:44
Re: Splitting the Volta Reg. Could Backfire
Maka a maka
11-05 17:07