Regional News of Monday, 4 December 1995

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Dormaa Ahenkro(B/A)

Members of the Ghana Pentecostal Council and the Association of Charismatic churches have presented gifts worth more than 400,000 cedis to the Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital for the up keep and well being of patients. The gifts include nine foam mattresses, two ceiling fans, fruits, eggs, beverages, sugar, milk and foodstuffs. They had earlier spent four hours in a clean up exercise during which they scrubbed the floor of the hospital wards, offices the out patient department (OPD).They weeded and swept the hospital compound. Presenting the gifts, Reverend John Feli Yeboah of the Assemblies of God Church said the exercise would be a regular feature to keep the hospital tidy at all times and ensure comfort and hope for patients. He said members have plans to adopt one of the wards to supplement efforts of the hospital management to provide basic items for the patients.