Regional News of Thursday, 3 April 2003

Source: The Crusading Guide

Yilo Krobo Chief Executive’s scandal deepens

Yilo Krobo (Eastern Region) 03 April 2003 – Seven members of the Yilo Krobo District Assembly in the Eastern Region have strongly challenged the Resolution signed by 35 other (Assembly) Members which sought to absolve the District Chief Executive (DCE), sub-Lt. Christian Tettey-of malfeasance.

In the so-called Resolution of the 35 Members, a previous publication of the “The Crusading Guide” headline “Blows at Yilo Krobo District…as DCE “Chops” Market Project Funds and Inflates ?60m Market Contract”, was challenged as being untrue.

The said story had intimated that Sub-Lt Tettey had “blown” part of market project funds allocated by the Assembly for the renovation of a market project and had gone ahead to inflate the cost of the contract and awarded same to his close friend in the constituency.

It continued to state among other things that the DCE awarded the contract without going through tendering and also inflated it (contract) from ?60m to ?418m. The 35 Assembly Members rebuffed these and other things. In a counter refuttal dated 27 March 2003 the seven other members stated “it is obvious that a good number of the so-called Hon. Assembly Members did not read the resolution before signing.”

They tried to clarify certain issues to educate their 35 colleagues on what “The Crusading Guide” published. According to them, the first session of the Assembly (from 12-14 March 2003) never dealt with any resolution. Regarding the marketing project, they pointed out that it was all due process and asked, “Did the contract pass through tender? What are the bills of quantities? What are drawings? Is the market really ultra modern?”

They also implied that as to whether the Assembly demanded a halt to work on the renovation would be best explained by the minutes of the last Assembly (15-16 May 2002); and also whether the rules and regulation of the Act 462 (the Model Standing Order) had been observed in those dealings.

The counter rejoinder stated, “With regards to the disbursement of the Poverty Alleviation Fund, we demand documentary evidence of the Disbursing Committee’s proceedings so as to know whether Nene Terkertey Akusum III chaired any such meeting during his tenure of office. But we know that even as of today the DCE is still resisting the formation of such a committee.”

The seven Assembly Members wondered how the DCE could have leased a parcel of land for the President’s Special Initiative (PSI) on Cassava since his nomination was approved on 14 June 2001 “and is he claiming to have leased the said parcel of land on 20 July 2001?”

They underscored, “Indeed, we cannot but agree with the 35 members “on the fact that we have never in the history of Yilo Krobo had a DCE who disregards the role of the Police in maintaining the peace-innovative indeed, who flouts laid down rules with impunity, unilaterally taking decisions for the Assembly only to report when he is hard hit, paid feeing and hotel bills for operators, all from the Assemblies coffers and who encourages thugery and chaotic civil disobedience; mobilizing youths, buying them Akpeteshie and plywood for demonstration against an Assembly man”.

It is also stated that most of the sitting Assembly Members have virtually no idea about the issues relating to the renovation of the old market since they were not part of the previous Assembly. Yet, the DCE and his cohorts managed to lure them to endorse a resolution on his behalf.”