Regional News of Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Stakeholders urged to include journalists in Climate Change deliberations

Dr Winston Asante, Lecturer, Faculty of Renewable Natural Resource, KNUST, has called on stakeholders to include journalists in their deliberations on issues relating to Climate Change.

This, he said, would enable them (journalists) to be well informed on matters relating to Climate Change and also enable them to adequate inform the public.

Dr Asante said this on Saturday at a two-day workshop organised by the BUSAC Fund, an advocacy NGO for some journalists in Kumasi on Climate Change.

He said although the whole world including Ghana had started feeling the negative impacts of Climate Change, many people still did not believe in the realities of Climate Change.

“Due to Climate Change, we have not been able to adequately predict the weather as we used to as the seasons have now changed and become unpredictable,” he said.

"Nowadays our farmers do not even know when to start planting because they cannot even tell exactly when the rains will come as they use to."

He said Climate Change could be cited as one of the major challenges to sustainable growth and development and called for all hands to be on deck to deal with it.

Dr Asante said Climate Change had a huge base of negative effect including deforestation, lack of food security and poor human health.

He said Climate Change had come to stay and called for the implementation of measures to deal with its effects.

Dr Delali Dovie, a Science Expert, University of Ghana, cited high sea level, changes in vegetation, and increase in continental dryness storms among others as some of the effects of Climate Change.

Mrs Ama Kudom-Agyeman, Environmental Communications Consultant, cited lack of funding, misinformation, lack of research desks in newsrooms, lack of interest in investigative reporting as some of the factors hindering Climate Change reporting.

She urged journalists to master the subject of Climate Change in order to appropriately inform the public.