Regional News of Monday, 11 August 2014

Source: Adwoa Sipa, LEKMA

Assembly member exposes LEKMA MCE of corruption

It has come to light that some personalities parading the gates of the party headquarters with the view of becoming regional chairmen of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) are corrupt, anti-NDC and selfish who are themselves parochial as well.

It has come to light that the former Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Ledzokuku Krowor municipal assembly Isaac Amartey used his office not to only enrich himself but that of friends and cronies and some assembly members which is against the local government act.

A livid assembly member of LEKMA has petitioned both the Economic and Organized Crime office (EOCO) and the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to cause the arrest of Daniel Amartey for abusing his office and causing financial losses to the state.

According to the assemblyman for LEKMA Prince Aminu Saana accused the former MCE on a mid day news on Montie fm among other things that he gave contracts to friends, family and cronies and some assembly members in a bid to buy their conscience into his pocket.

He alleged that Daniel Amartey gave no recourse to the local government act, rather run the municipality as his father’s property.

Daniel Amartey is one of the candidates including Manly Spain and Stephen Akwettey who have all declared their intention to run for the chairmanship race of the Greater Accra NDC, though with question tags.

It has emerged that Daniel Amartey was in Nigeria to seek divine protection from Prophet T.B Joshua over his corrupt deeds. He had travelled to Nigeria earlier to overturn his sack from office as MCE but to no avail.

As a result of his corrupt practices he is seeking ‘’Joshua water’’ for divine intervention.

These are the charlatans, who hide behind Christianity to deceive the poor. It is therefore incumbent for the delegates to be aware of those sheep’s in wolves clothing to be alert and vigilant on who leads them. The members of the NDFC should be aware of those who come with bible in one hand and the other corruption.

In my bid to expose all those corrupt people seeking political power to cover their deeds; my painstaking investigations have also revealed that Daniel Amartey single handedly awarded the Nungua school project without due process or going for tender.

The contractor who did the job has won judgment debt and had confiscated vehicles and assets and properties belonging to the LEKMA.

The NDC is for the masses and not for self seeking individuals like Daniel Amartey. After misbehaving as an MCE he now wants to be chairman of the greater Accra NDC.

I shall be bringing you the other side of Stephen Akwettey and Manly Spain and reasons why you have to ignore their noises.

Greater Accra needs credible and tested personalities and not those who smile with you when they need power and frown at you when they get the power.

Story by: Adwoa Sipa, LEKMA