Regional News of Sunday, 3 August 2014

Source: The Finder

Lorry parks in a mess

The onset of the rains has once again exposed the deplorable state of some bus terminals in Accra and surrounding communities.

The terminals are rendered waterlogged and muddy making users very uncomfortable.

Drivers and commuters alike find it difficult to go to the terminals to board vehicles or exit the station after alighting from vehicles whenever it rains.

When The Finder visited some of the terminals at Madina, Circle and Kasoa, residents and commercial drivers complained bitterly about the deplorable state of their bus terminals.

In some areas, the drivers park along the main road to pick passengers which often create traffic congestion.

At some of the stations, The Finder observed that some passengers had to remove their footwear and wade through mud to exit the station or board vehicles.

At Kasoa, workers of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) who spoke on condition of anonymity said the station was mainly under the management of the District Assembly.

They noted that the assembly is not making any effort to address the problem of stagnant waters at the station whenever it rains.

They said once a while, the district assembly filled holes at the station with sand which unfortunately rather compounds the problem.

The GPRTU staff also blamed the situation on lack of drainage systems in and around the terminal.

According to the GPRTU, the terminals are less attractive to passengers especially during the rainy season or soon after heavy down -pour.

The GPRTU is worried that the assembly collects levies yet nothing is done to improve the bus terminals.

For this reason, they said drivers had to park along the main road to pick passengers which usually increases traffic on the road.

Also, food venders, second hand dealers and other petty traders have taken over structures meant for passengers aggravating the situation.

The Municipal Director ofAwutu-Senya, Mr Musah Yahaya Froko, said the G. P. R .T U was occupying the lorry stations temporary.

“We have given the terminals to the urban transport for them to develop and that the urban transport is looking for funds to develop the terminal," he said.

When asked why tolls collected on daily basis are not being used to develop the terminal, he laughed and said “paying of tolls is a normal once you are operating a business."

Mr Froko’s and Mr. Evans Amofa, the Municipal Road Engineer said the terminal would be developed at the appropriate time.

Lorry parks in Accra and Kumasi are generally characterised by vehicular and human congestion, filth and bearing resemblance to markets.

Pungent, choky smell, swam of flies, commuters shielding their nostrils with handkerchiefs of varied colours in queues waiting for a means of transport during the day and at night

The stench which emanates from these abandoned waste and the accompanying dark liquid substance which flows from it sends shivering waves to the spine.

A stroll through the main lorry parks of the country will reveal a sore and sorry state of filth haven without any attempt to be cleared as if Ghana is at the late evening of her life.

Despite the investment in education over the years, most citizens keep wallowing in an attitude that exposes us to health threats.