Regional News of Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Direct Aid gives to Muslims

Over 500 Muslim families in Accra have benefited from food donation from Direct Aid, a Muslim non-governmental charitable organisation.

The single largest gathering of recipients of the food aid, numbering 150, took place at the organisation’s headquarters in Madina.

The food assistance which is an annual event was held in commemoration of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which is currently being observed by Muslims worldwide.

The month of Ramadan is a period set aside to teach Muslims self-dicipline, self-restraint and generosity. During the period the body is given rest as a means of cleansing it physically and spiritually.

At this time the fasting person avoids food and drink from dawn to dusk and is prohibited from evil and useless speech.

The Country Director for Direct Aid, Ahmed Sheikh Abdiraman Omar, said Ramadan was the blessed month in which the Holy Prophet Mohammed was sent to mankind by Allah to offer mercy to the world.

That being so, he said, the Ramadan period was used to do good to others, as doing good at this time brought bountiful blessings to the giver and Allah forgave and saved the one from destruction.

He said the food donation was also a source of help and support, especially for those who were fasting. He was grateful to the people of Kuwait for extending the assistance.

The Imam of the Ahlusunna Wal Jamaa Muslim Religious Sect, Sheikh Omar Ibrahim, who presented the food items, urged Muslims in Africa to endeavour to work hard so that they could feed themselves and their families.

He called for the establishment of an endowment fund by the faithful from which they could draw assistance in times by need instead of waiting for help from outside.

He said it was time that Muslims fought against ignorance, poverty and disease. According to him, to do this, they must invest in education and build schools and hospitals to keep them well-adjusted and healthy.

A beneficiary, Mariama Ali, said she was grateful to Direct Aid for their kind support and prayed that Allah rewarded them immensely.

About 210 Muslim families in other parts of the country will also benefit from the package this Ramadan. Altogether the food donation cost GH¢312,000.

Direct Aid, formerly known as Africa Muslim Agency, was founded in Kuwait in 1981 and has had a presence in Ghana since 1988.