Regional News of Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Ashaiman youth to demonstrate again

The youth as well as commercial drivers in Ashaiman are gearing up to stage another demonstration to protest the bad nature of their roads and slow pace of development in the area.

Speaking with Citi News the leadership of the team noted that preparation for the demonstration is far advanced for they have been deceived by politicians for too long.

“We are currently drafting our proposal and we will send it to the Ashaiman police station. When they give us the permission, we will hit the streets with a massive demonstration. We are going to go round and announce it. It is a serious youth demonstration!”

The youth in Ashaiman are grossly discontent with the living standards and daily problems that they are forced to tackle.

“The Ashaiman road is very bad. Every time we get people coming here, trying to convince us that they’ll fix it. But the road is still remaining as it is! They are waiting for the next election before they come and do it,” he said.

The leader of the group, who spoke to Citi news, said they were tired of the numerous problems and will surely do something about it.

“Surely, we will demonstrate. We have decided that we will demonstrate. We just don’t know the exact time our leaders would give us. If you look at the roads of Ashaiman, look at our government school, look at our station, there are a lot of problems!” he added.

They went on to express worry about the insecurity in their area, “the concern now is the road and the development of Ashaiman. When you come to Ashaiman, look at the street lights; in my area for example we have only 2 streetlights working. And these are some of the dangerous places in the country. You can’t even walk around in the night.”