Regional News of Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Source: GNA

Stepmother bars candidate from writing BECE

The good and bright future parents wished for their children is not so with one girl-child for this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examinations.

The girl is said to have gone through terrible times with her step-mother, and the last straw to break the camel's back was to prevent her from writing the BECE.

Ms. Rosemond Austin, Western Regional Director of the Catholic Education Unit, told the Ghana News Agency that though the girl was said to have been in school last Friday, she failed to turn up for the Examinations on Monday morning.

This revelation came to light when the GNA in the company of Mr. Franklin Dzigbede, Metropolitan Director of Education, Ms. Esiman Lotsu, Metropolitan Second Cycle Co-ordinator and Mr. Edwin Riverson, Chairman of the Metropolitan Education Sub-Committee of the Assembly, toured some examination centres.

Most of the centres such as Bompeh, Fijai, Ghana Secondary Technical School, Saint John’s School; started on time with all students present.

The situation at the Ahantaman centre where 19 schools are writing, was different as at about 10:30am students were still seen writing the Essay Paper.

At the Saint John Centre where 10 schools with a population of over 800 were writing, three boys were absent.

Mr. Edward Dorgbefu, centre supervisor said materials for the examination arrived on time.

Mrs. Margaret Okai of the Basic Education Division of the Ghana Education Service, warned students against cheating and the use of mobile phones.

The Metropolitan Director entreated the students to arrive at their various centres on time, in order for them to have enough time to settle down both physically and spiritually.