Regional News of Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Fire destroys bedroom of 74-year-old woman

A 74-year-old woman had parts of her body severely burnt last Sunday night at Denu in the Volta Region when a lamp holder in her bedroom caught fire that later engulfed the room.

The victim, Madam Cecilia Akator, was said to be asleep when the lampholder caught fire soon after power to her neighbourhood was restored about 1 a.m.

According to the granddaughter of the victim, Ms Cyreme Awagbe, Madam Akator suffered burns on her back, neck, left arm and breasts.

She was sent to Nyarko Mensah Hospital, a private health facility at Ziepe, where she is currently on admission.

Cause of fire

The cause of the fire, which also destroyed all items in the victim’s room, is yet to be determined. Ms Awagbe said neighbours had to force the door to her grandmother’s room open to rescue her from the flames. She said there was no bulb in the lamp holder at the time and could not fathom how it caught fire. Asked about the present condition of Madam Akator, she said she was still in a critical condition