Regional News of Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Source: Daily Guide

Bad elements want to enter Ghana – Malam Jibril

Managers of the country’s security especially those in the frontiers have been urged to be on the lookout for people with evil intentions seeking entry into our territory.

Malam Shamuna Ustaz Jibril who has made a number of prophesies in the past few months about the Nigerian terrorist group, Boko Haram in his latest disclosures said such predictions are based on spiritual calculations and not done arbitrarily.

He has once more asked spiritual leaders in both Islam and Christianity to pray for the country’s security as the evil elements “would not use the Aflao or Elubo frontiers but rather Sampa, Bawku and Paga. Immigration officers and other security agents in these areas he said must be on top of their job by for instance watching out for people who would feign madness and dress shabbily.

This is one of the ploys such persons would employ,” he said.

The Electricity Company of Ghana and others with a hand in the supply of power should be implored to ensure that there is adequate electricity during the World Cup tournament so that bad elements do not use power outages to create trouble especially on days Ghana would be playing. Security personnel in Accra and Takoradi especially must take such admonitions serious, he added.

Malam Shamuna spoke to the Daily Guide about an imminent fatal bomb blast in Yola, Adamawa State on Sunday afternoon. A few hours after the disclosure the BBC reported an incident in which some 40 lives were lost in that state.

He had earlier warned against the converging of many people at spots in the Northern parts of Nigeria warning that the terrorists would target such places.

The next ten days, he prophesised, would be exceptionally bloody in Nigeria, unfortunately. “A church and a mosque will be set ablaze and some government officials will lose their lives.”

On Burkina Faso about which he made a prophesy last week and which was published in the Daily Graphic, some anti-Campaore elements hit the road a day after the publication.

He said “in the next three weeks the security situation in Burkina Faso would worsen.”

Turning to Zimbabwe he said nonagenarian Robert Mugabe’s health would suffer a decline soon and some top American political figures would lose their lives.