Regional News of Friday, 23 May 2014


Church of Pentecost dissociates itself from Fauster Atta Mensah

The Church of Pentecost has issued a disclaimer, dissociating itself from the claims by Fauster Atta Mensah as being a Nobel Prize Laureate in physics.

The Church has also dissociated itself from all other claims by Mr. Atta Mensah. Mr. Atta Mensah earlier in an interview told Ghana Television (GTV) he was a Nobel Prize Laureate.

He also told the station that he was the current Chairman of African Computer Society (ACS) and the 4th youngest Ghanaian African Scientist to go to NASA.

The story went viral on social media with some calling on GTV to apologize to Ghanaians.

His claim also informed a thanksgiving service by the Church of Pentecost to honour his supposed achievements.

It was however later discovered that Mr. Atta Mensah was deceiving the general public.

According to his friends and old school mates, he had not achieved any significant thing in his life.

The Journalist who interviewed Mr. Atta Mensah, Abdul Hayi Moomen has also come under fire for failing to carry out a research.

The disclaimer issued by the Church of Pentecost said: “The Church wishes to intimate that yearly, it acknowledges members who excel in their fields of endeavour as a way of motivation based on trust. It is in this vein that seven members were honoured during this year’s Extra Ordinary Council Meetings including Fauster. Fauster’s claim has however turned out to be false.”

“Meanwhile, the church is helping him to see a clinical psychologist. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted,” it further stated.