Regional News of Saturday, 5 April 2014


Gov’t advised to resolve deep-rooted resentments in the N/R

Executive Director of the West Africa Network for Peace-Building (WANEP), Emmanuel Bombande says there appears to be deep-rooted resentment between the Mamprusis and the Bimobas in the East Mamprusi District of the Northern Region that must be resolved to stop the recurrent clashes that occur between the two ethnic groups.

According to him, there should be continued efforts mapped out to solve the issues between the two groups otherwise the resentments and clashes will persist over a long time to come.

Speaking to Joy FM's News anchor, Evans Mensah, on Top Story, the Executive Director of WANEP noted that suppressing the violence between the two groups is not the best way to deal with deep-rooted resentments that had persisted over the years.

He therefore suggested that a community approach should be used in finding solutions to the recurrent problems and completely deal with the issues. Reports say police and military reinforcements have been deployed to the East Mamprusi District as a result of deadly clashes between Tambosas, Mamprusis and Bimobas that has so far claimed one life.

The Regional Security Council is mobilizing the men in a desperate attempt to avert an escalation in the violence that had seen many homes burnt to the ground in retaliatory attacks.

The region, last month witnessed violent attacks that left two people dead, several injured and more than a hundred suspects placed behind bars.

Assembly member for Bunkpurugu Yoyo district, Nyunmon Kolan, who shares a boundary with the affected area says there have been several reprisal attacks following the first shooting incident that claimed one life. According to him, the deceased person, suspected to be a Bimoba, was shot on Thursday dawn.

The incident, he said, made the Bimobas to attack the Tambo-sas in anger. Some Mamprusis were believed to have joined forces with the Tambosas to attack the Bimobas.

Kolan further indicated that the police always intervened to stop the attacks, whenever the violence erupted but no arrest was made.

Nyunmon Kolan said the the situation presently is tensed as there is heavy police and military presence in the area.

He said, even though the clashes keep recurring, the root cause of the disagreement between the two groups is not known.

Mr. Kolan therefore requested the security to go on the ground and flash out those fuelling the violent situation among the two groups.