Regional News of Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Tribal marks are a deformity - Upper West Minister

Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Ephraim Avea Nsoh, says traditional authorities in the three northern regions should fashion out other means of tribal and family identification, apart from tribal marks.

Speaking on Adom TV, Dr. Avea Nsoh indicated: “tribal marks have lost their value; it’s now a deformity".

Most tribes in Ghana subscribe to tribal marks for either medical or spiritual purposes, as they believe in reincarnation.

But Dr. Avea Nsoh said marking the faces of people for the purposes of identification is now archaic.

"A lot of things can show whom we are; the smock, our language and several others. [The use of "marks" as tribal identification] are gone,” he exclaimed.

Meanwhile, some natives from the north have vowed not to inflict tribal marks on their children since it takes away their natural beauty.