Regional News of Friday, 7 February 2014


TDC’s demolition was "inhuman and irresponsible" – MP

The Member of Parliament for Tema West, Ms Irene Naa Torshie Addo says the Tema Development Corporation's (TDC) demolition of buildings at Adjei Kojo led to the loss of lives which can be likened to a genocide and war situation.

“Livelihoods that is lost in a way can be likened to a genocide and war situation, and must be condemned at all cost.”

In her opinion, the TDC’s demolition was "inhuman and irresponsible."

Speaking on the floor of Parliament on Thursday, the MP also said the “effect of the demolition exercise at Adjei Kojo cannot be quantified financially because it did not only displace people by making them look like refugees in their own country, but it has shattered the dreams and aspirations of their children.”

The TDC demolished over 500 complete and uncompleted houses thereby rendering over 2000 residents homeless.

The exercise was undertaken with over 200 police and military men who pushed residents who were regarded as squatters and armed robbers out of their homes.

According to her, the rationalisation for the use of force on the pretext that some of the residents were armed robbers is simply unfortunate and unacceptable because the 2000 residents of Adjei Kojo whose houses were demolished cannot be armed robbers.

“Children and adults now sleep in the open due to limited tents which makes them vulnerable to the bites of mosquitoes, snakes and other insects,” she said.