Regional News of Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Source: Daily Guide

‘Tweaaa’ DCE mobbed

The popularity of Gabriel Barimma, District Chief Executive (DCE) for Ahafo Ano South in the Ashanti Region, who recently shot to fame over his ‘Tweaaa’ rhetoric, keeps soaring.

The beleaguered DCE, who is currently being investigated by Government over his outburst in public, was the toast of mourners at a funeral at Offinso this weekend, DAILY GUIDE had learnt.

Mourners rushed to catch a glimpse of the ‘Tweaaa’ DCE during the funeral of the father-in-law of the Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Samuel Yaw Adusei.

Hon Barimma, who seemed to be in love with his sudden rise in popularity, was said to be very excited to see the mourners struggle just to catch a glimpse of him.

The mourners waved at the high-powered Government officials that attended the funeral when Appiah Stadium mentioned their names one-after-the-other.

But there was near stampede at the funeral grounds when Hon Barimma was introduced to the crowd by Appiah Stadium.

Before he could finish introducing Hon Barimma, the mourners, who laughed intensely, rushed to dais to catch a glimpse of the ‘Tweaaa’ DCE.

After the introduction, Hon Barimma moved from the dais so that the mourners could perhaps have a proper look at him.

At that moment, some of the mourners thronged the place where he was seated.

The excited ‘Tweaaa’ DCE waved at the crowd.

At the end of the funeral, most of the mourners followed Hon Barimma to his car as it sped off, amid shots of ‘Tweaaa, Tweaaa’ by the charged crowd.