Regional News of Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Twin brothers die in ‘galamsey’ pit

Two brothers were found dead in a ‘galamsey’ pit last Sunday at Prestea.

The two, who are twins, have been identified as Fuseini Adams and Alhassan Adams, both 35.

According to the Prestea Huni-Valley District Crime Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Emmanuel Nwinsori, Fuseini left his Prestea residence last Saturday but did not return.

The crime officer said in the afternoon on Sunday, his twin brother, Alhassan, in the company of his friend, Abubakari Jibriel, also left for an abandoned ‘galamsey’ site called “I Trust” to look for the brother.

Upon reaching the site, the two friends carried out a fruitless search for Fuseini.

Mr Mwinsori said Alhassan, therefore, decided to check the pit and asked Abubarkar to wait for him.

He said Jibriel, who reported the case to the police, indicated that he waited for more than 30 minutes without Alhassan returning from the pit.

According to him, Jibriel said he also went underground to check what was going on in the pit only to discover the two bodies lying side by side in a wave of heat.

The crime officer said Jibriel, therefore, rushed out of the pit and hurriedly went to inform the family of the twins about what had happened.

He said with the help of members of the community, the two bodies were retrieved and deposited at the Prestea Government Hospital.