Regional News of Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Source: GNA

Water shortage hits Abelenkpe

Water shortage has hit residents of Ablelenkpe, a suburb of Accra, as the taps have stopped flowing over the past three weeks, Mr Franklin Atiase, a resident told the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday.

“The pipes used to flow uninterruptedly but now it has completely stopped flowing, we have to walk all the way to Tesano across the rail lines to go and fetch potable water,” he said.

Mr Atiase said that the situation is affecting the daily life of residents especially workers and school children who have to carry buckets and bowls in search of water before going to school.

A visit by Ghana News Agency (GNA) to the vicinity revealed that the situation is having an adverse effect on business activities in the area.

A resident on the Asafoaste Kojo Street, near the big Mosque, told the GNA that the situation is terrible especially when you have a wife as a nursing mother with other kids too growing up, as water is an essential commodity in our everyday activities.

Mr Ben Boateng, another resident, said: “I have to carry yellow jerry cans in my car boot to Accra where I work before my family can have a good life as other people are having”.

Madam Olivia Ashaki told GNA that, if authorities do not come to their aid, the situation would deteriorate into an uncontrollable epidemic in the vicinity as a common cup of water to clean their place of inconveniences in respective homes is not even available.

Other residents said all attempts to reach out to the authorities of Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) have yielded no positive results.

Residents appealed to authorities of (GWCL) to rectify the situation immediately.

Some residents say they have not seen a single drop of water in their taps for almost a year forcing them to buy from private water operators.