Regional News of Thursday, 17 January 2013

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Lawyer angry at denigration of judiciary

A Kumasi based legal practitioner has made a passionate appeal for the judicial system to respected and held in the highest esteem possible.
Lawyer Mujeeb Rahman Ahmed, lead partner of Moomin and Botta Law firm is not happy with ongoing discussions of the NPP case at the Supreme Court challenging the recent national election results by some politicians.
He believes there are some people hitching on the case to denigrate some judges and the judicial system in its entirety.
He emphasized in an interview with Ultimate radio’s Bernard Buachi that the judicial system is the final source of solace and final arbiter, and adds that every society “we aspire to be like has always insisted that the sanctity and independence of their judicial system be maintained”.
“We must desist from acts that detract from the sanctity and independence of the judiciary”, he warned. Today it is about the NPP, NDC and perhaps the President but tomorrow, it could be individual members of the society including the lawyers or even judges having to seek solace in the courts”, he said passionately.
-Bernard Buachi
Ultimate Radio, Kumasi.