Regional News of Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Source: YDP News

Education policy Analyst Urges GES to Intensify Supervision in Schools

Kumasi(Ash) YDP News-Mr. Kofi Asare , Executive Director for Action for Rural Education a Non-Governmental Organisation(NGO) has urged the authorities of the Ghana Education Service to intensify supervision in public schools particularly at the basic school level to help improve the academic performance of pupils at that level. Mr. Kofi Asare made the request on Yen Daakye Programme(YDP) on Jem FM a local radio station based in Kumasi ,last Saturday. The Yen Daakye Programme looks at educational issues affecting the country, children and youth development every Saturday morning on Jem Fm between the hours of 9:00 am and 10: 00 am. He said that government and other stakeholders of education in the country had tried to improve the standard of education in the country by providing need facilities yet the outcome of such huge investment had not yielded the expected results and he attributed it to weak supervision in the public education sector. He noted that school supervisors were not able to do their work as expected of them because of insufficient resources. He said those officers of GES were supposed to be accommodated in their circuits and should have been provided with at least motor-bikes for effective monitoring and supervision of the activities of both teachers and pupils but such facilities were not there for them. Mr. Asare said as a result of such challenges it had made it difficult for the supervision in public schools to be effective in the country and it had increased the drop of proficiency rate in the Mathematics and the English Language at the basic levels. He therefore called on the stakeholders of education in the country to resource the Inspectorate and Supervision Division of GES to enable them to intensify monitoring and supervision in schools so to help improve the standard of education in the country.