Regional News of Sunday, 18 November 2012

Source: Bernard Buachi

“Attitudes of Kumasi residents is our biggest sanitation challenge”

- KMA Waste Officer
Waste Management Officer at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Anthony Mensah says the attitudes of residents of the Ashanti regional capital constitutes the greatest challenge to sanitation in the region.
He explains that people continue to litter with impunity, hence making the place unsightly.
“When you have litter dotted all over the place, it will not look much in terms of volume, but because it is so visible, it catches the eye so much.”
Mr. Mensah, who was speaking to Ultimate radio in an interview, revealed that waste and sanitation issues take up at least 50% of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly’s budget.
He says Kumasi alone generates about 1,500 tonnes of refuse every day but adds that the Assembly is able to clear 87 to 90 percent of the waste generated each day.

-Bernard Buachi,
Ultimate Radio, Kumasi