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KoKMA to empower elected assembly members for development

Comment: Assembly members to be equipped

Nii Djata Gyan
2021-06-01 01:00:20
Comment to:
KoKMA to empower elected assembly members for dev

Please where is your office located, we want to know,
Your Assembly looks promising but share your vision with the business community within your Municipality.
An Assembly like Korle Klottey don't deserve that office at Circle, with a small office that you can't located your client office or administration, we don't even know the rest of the departments.
Your own signboard have two different emails, kkma and kokma.
Correct yourself.
Hon. Nii Adjei Tawiah, please open your eyes very well because kokma is the eye of the president akufo addo, so keep the good works.
Start touring institutions so thT people will not think kokma is under AMA, the image publicity is very low.

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05-31 17:33
Assembly members to be equipped
Nii Djata Gyan
06-01 01:00