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"Ghanaian" appointed AG of British Virgin Islands

Comment: Gas ....and FAT CHARLEY-WOTTE

Ghanaian Born
2007-06-19 10:50:40
Comment to:

Gas and their priorities had always been to get education and contribute to society.

Gas were the main functioning tribe in all aspects of British rule and after British rule. Gas invited Nkrumah to join the struggle. Gas never a self-seeking folks or inward looking peoples.

The first speaker of parliament was Lawyer Quist from Osu, The first principal secretary Mr.Malm from Osu. Tetteh Quarshie the Cocoa guy from Osu. All Gas by the way.I can go on and on.

After all, the Gas had contact with outside world before any other tribe in Ghana.

Katheleen Quartey Ayensu sounds to me like she was Quartey before Ayensu. A Ga and a Fanti names.

Gas brain contribution to the country of Gold Coast and Ghana in all areas had been immeasurable.

In any case, she hails from Ghana.

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Ghanaian Born
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Concerned - in Tokyo, Japan
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