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"Ghanaian" appointed AG of British Virgin Islands

Comment: RE: Back to Ghana!!

Wofa Newman - Houston, Tx
2007-06-19 08:42:25
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BACK-TO-GHANA initiative -plus

In Ghana, there are many good experts in the professions with the Ghana government, and there are many bad experts. Some are civil servants, some are politicians. Many people on this forum would even argue that Ghana has more than its fair sahe of the bad ones.

Sadly, an ethically-challenged expert (politician, civil servant, etc) is really not an expert in the full sense of the word. To the extent the individual can be presumed to have gone beyond the professional code of conduct of his/her profession. Therefore, if that person happens to be in Ghana, we have one less-qualifed expert.

Also, here is another argument:

There is something to be said about a Diasporan who has lived for decades "and" worked professionally in the civil service and corporate organizations (as a lawyer, doctor, professor, teacher, planner, corrections officer, accountant, criminalist, agricultural extension officer, surveyor, auditor, engineer, pharmacist, nurse, police officer or soldier, etc,) in one or more of the western countries such as US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Holland, even Australia, and Japan, etc.

(I am using only these examples because personally I have never travelled or lived in China or Russia, or in one of the former Soviet areas, or in another African country, except Nigeria --and we know the record of Nigeria).

This is really the type of expert/technician I am talking about - they type of expert that should be of immense intertest to the Government of Ghana. (and you have today's story as what is possible!!).

The point here is such an individual would likley be highly qualifed in his/her profession or trade, and in addition, would be presumed to greatly appreciate and work within the confines of prescribed professional standards, ethical norms, business culture, and above all the legal and administrative standards and norms (objectivity, consensus and team building, action backed by data, legality and equal treatment. That individual would have better than average spoken, written, and presentation communication skills, and would be able to greatly appreciate the true value of agency web sites, and would have the capacity to use that medium to communicate with its customers, the general public, the executive branch and other agencies, and those external bodies that might be interested in assisting or simple requesting data/information, etc).

If I was in Ghana and responsible for hiring highly-qualified persons (experts) or contractors, for a Ghana public or quasi-public-agency responsible for Energy, Public Sector Reform, Health, Local Government, Forestry, Education, Central Bank, Justice, Housing and Community Development, and Transportation, etc, I would give serious thought to finding these types of individuals. In fact, if it is for a genuine and official Government of Ghana employment purposes, their credit histories would be another indicator of their character!! This is a common practice -- now required of job seekers.

Again from the point of view of the Ghana national government (governance), you start by creating a secure database of these individuals and inviting persons to contact you.

Goodness, elsewhere on the Ghanaweb forum, there are discussions about some of these people, I believe, who want to pay back Ghana educational loans. But sadly, the Government of Ghana has no reliable, secure, or effective method for collecting the loan payments, let alone collecting information about the qualifications and attitudes of these individuals towards returning to Ghana.

Again, I state: If the Government of Ghana ever got to establish a way to collect these loans, I would wish that much of the funds go to educating young girls in Ghana, in Ghana educational institutions).

That would be the end-goal of the "Back-to-Ghana" initiative: To get more of these types of Diasporan professionals/experts to return to Ghana to assist in the Ghana development agenda.

It is possible that if we looked deeper into the qualifications and experience of those "now in Government whose dishonesty is surfacing," we might well find that they are not in the category of professionals/experts/technicians I am talking about.

So here you have it - the skeleton of a "Back-to-Ghana" program --- an adminstrative program without any linkages to politics!!

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RE: Back to Ghana!!
Wofa Newman - Houston, Tx
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