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"Ghanaian" appointed AG of British Virgin Islands

Comment: BACK-TO-GHANA initiative -plus

Wofa Newman - Houston, Tx
2007-06-19 08:23:24
Comment to:
"Ghanaian" appointed AG of British Virgin Islands

To Minister of Public Sector Reform


Best for Ghana in the Long-run!!

According to Kofi Annan, many governments understand that their citizens abroad can help development, and are strengthening ties with them!! A strong, reponsive, and accountable public sector is required!!

To that effect, Ghana needs a strong public communications policy for all Ghana public agencies and quasi-public agencies. Mind you, we are not talking about a Public Relations outfit at all!!

ITEM: Implement a strong centralized, secure computer intranet capability for all Ghana agencies. Same basic address for all, with redundant capacity!!

All public and quasi-public agencies must utilize that to communicate with its customers, stakeholders, sponsors, and the general public.

Each agency website shall post up-to-date agency strategic plans, agency goals and "MEASURABLE" agency objectives directly tied to their mission. These should be revised in a timlely manner.

ITEM: Using the intranet, require Minister of Public Sector Reform to set up an efficient, SAFE, SECURE (https) central registry of qualified and experienced Ghanaians in the diaspora and those already in Ghana in all fields of endeavor in which the Government of Ghana has an interest.

As part of this program, the Minister of Public Sector Reform should establish a strong communication link with all highly qualified persons born in Ghana, and strongly encourage them to return with appropriate incentives. Approach is to provide information via web of opportunities.

This is what we are calling the "Back-to-Ghana Initiative," program, if you may, more than just a slogan.

There are many many doctors, professors/teachers, accountants, corrections officers, city and regional planners, nurses, engineers, computer experts, and public adminstrators, hotel managers, etc, from Ghana or with strong Ghana roots currently working as experts/professionals overseas who will strongly consider returning to Ghana if there were appropriate govenmental policies to educate them and help them move back to Ghana.

I am one of them with at least an MPA in Public Administraion, a Ph.D in Urban Planning, and many years experience as teacher, professor, US civil servant, and non-profit housing organization coordinator.

Aha!! And you are reading today's big news about who are out there, completely under the radarscope of the Govenment of Ghana.

ITEM: In fact, this Back-to-Ghana initiative is the type of program that can easily be packaked and marketed (sold) to external funders, foundations, and other Global organizations such as the UN, Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation as basic development mechanism for Ghana to receive external funding and support. What foreign government will not help if professional with roots to Ghana want to return to live, work, play, and retire to Ghana.

In fact given increasing cost in many sectors overseas, the trend is for people retiring in the West to look outside the west to more affordable place. The oppotunities are galore!!

In other words, it WILL end up costing Ghana very little if properly monitored, evaluated, and audited! but it must remove uncertainty about government programs, and improve visibilty of government activities.

----ITEM: You will not be suscessful unless you have a Freedom of Information Act enforceable in the courts with least cost to the person. It is called accountability of the government enterprise.
(Just ask for the opinion and recommendation of Attorney-General elect -- Kathleen Quartey Ayensu, in her private capacity, not government capacity)

ITEM: Within the same Back-to-Ghana initiative, there will be programs to manage the database of Ghanaians and others who received a Ghana government sponsored loan or schlarship for education overseas. This program will collect where loans are outstanding and will collect from former scholarship recipients willing to pay back, freely.

If properly managed, and made secure and confidential, (those who refuse to pay Ghana loans should be outed after reasonable notices), this program can return a lot of funds to the education of Ghana's chidren which should be primary purpose of this sub-program.

ITEM: In fact, I would argue that given the historical gender inequity in education in Ghana, that the largest share of the loan proceeds should go to educate ONLY young girls, in Ghana institutions, gilrs from every one of the regions, distributed equally by population of young girls in the reagion.

All that is needed for all these ideas to work is a simple enabling legislation by Parliament, commitment from the Minister of Public Sector Reform, experienced (good) grant writers, good administors of the programs, and a willingness to communicate in timlely and effective manner with funders, the Ghana public, and those trained individuals currently overseas.

ITEM: These two potentially no-cost- win-win-win programs will be worth a thousand times more to the people of Ghana, than all the discussions about DIASPORA VOTE given the amount of funds that will be needed to make ROPAL happen, compared to the "Back-to-Ghana" initiative.

Unlike the DIASPORA VOTE, we are very sure we can find external funding, if only we can get to work immediately. In fact, it is like putting the horse in front of the carraige where it really belongs. At this time in Ghana's development, given Ghana development challenges, we think that the "DIASPORA VOTING" thing probably puts the carriage in front of the horse. Or at least Ghana aught to be able to do both at the same time, with the "Back-to-Ghana" initiative ahead, by PRORITY.

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BACK-TO-GHANA initiative -plus
Wofa Newman - Houston, Tx
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Concerned - in Tokyo, Japan
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