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E/R Residents Rage Over Gays, Lesbians Issue
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Regional News of Thursday, 14 September 2006

Source: Ghanaian Chronicle

E/R Residents Rage Over Gays, Lesbians Issue

RESIDENTS IN the Eastern Region, especially Koforidua, have been enraged anytime issues concerning the postponed Gay and Lesbian conference that was to be held in the town was raised.

Infact, almost every person found talking about the issue fumes, with some asking "What! In Koforidua? Never, we will not allow them to come and spoil our children for us" The Chronicle investigations following a tip off that members of the society were meeting at a place in Koforidua, revealed that though the Government had banned any proposed gay meeting in the country, pockets of these homosexuals were still meeting at secret places I n the metropolis.

Despite the secret meetings, the paper's investigations had revealed thatcertain persons, describing themselves as antigay and anti-lesbians movement, were also on a look out to flush out these people from Koforidua and possible the Region.

Since news broke out that the gay and lesbian conference was going to held in Koforidua, the anti-gay members have be monitoring certain persons suspected to be practicing the act in other to get information about where they meet to enable them report to their meeting place to the Police for their arrest.

This paper had be monitoring almost all the radio stations in the Eastern Region and several callers had been phoning in to condemn the act and support the government's decision to ban the supposed gay conference.

A caller on Eastern FM morning show last week Friday revealed how a gay person died some few years ago in Suhum and how its members turned up in their numbers to the town to mourn over that person's death.

Accordingly, some Chiefs, opinion leaders and some concerned residents, raging over their activity, quickly organized and attacked those gay and lesbians at the funeral ground with stones and sticks which forced them to flee for their lives.

Another caller popularly called coolly coolly has made it clear that he would mobilise the youth in Koforidua to attack members of that society and flush them out anytime they got to know where they were congregating.

Currently, residents in Koforidua and other parts of the Region are waiting anxiously to hear what decisions the Chiefs, Pastors and concerned citizens have taken to fight the gay/lesbian scare in the Region.

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