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Regional News of Tuesday, 8 June 2021


UG: We are not increasing transport fares – Campus transport operators

The Taxi drivers believes that the move will benefit their major customers  who are students The Taxi drivers believes that the move will benefit their major customers who are students

Two out of three transport cooperatives operating in the University of Ghana (UG) campus have decided to maintain their old fares despite the nationwide increment of public transport fares, effective since Saturday, June 5, 2021.

When UniversNews visited the Achimota-Legon Co-operative transport society, they indicated that there are no plans to increase transport fares on campus.

Speaking to Radio Univers, former Chairman of the station, John Oteng, was of the opinion that this decision will benefit their major customers, the students.

“We have started this society together with the University in 1979 so this increment we just want to consider that we are taking the old fare for the benefit of the students,” he said.

Similarly, the Progressive Transport Owners’ Association (PROTOA) Co-operative stationed in front of the Evandy Hostel has so far decided to maintain old prices though they have the backing of their regional office to increase fares.

The treasurer of UG PROTOA, Philip Ansah tells UniversNews that they have maintained the old fares for nearly nine (9) now.

“Actually, we started charging this 5 cedis fare on campus for 9 years now. With this increment, we want to increase but we are still deliberating on it, we have not come to a conclusion."

“Although we have received the directive from our regional office for the increment, we are also looking at our environment. We are adding of them together,” he underscored.

Mr. Philip Ansah says they will have to meet the Student Representative Council (SRC) to further deliberate on the matter.

According to him, it is only at this meeting that they will finalize any possible increment.

“Normally we do discuss with the SRC Executives and if they agree that we increase, then we do that. Sometimes the SRC too will beg us to postpone the increment. If we increase, some of the people that patronize our services will use the shuttles or even walk,” said Philip Ansah.

However, the GPRTU Legon Taxi Union, operating from opposite the TF Hostel, has already increased its fares across board by one Cedi.

The Secretary of the Union, Leo Justice Gbeshiagbe says the increment has been effective since Saturday.

He adds that moving from TF to the New University Hospital will however cost more.

“All the corners have been increased by one, one cedi except the New hospital. The New Hospital is now 10 cedis, we were charging 8 cedis,” said Mr Gbeshiagbe.

He explains that the recent hike in prices of fuel and petroleum products together with the cost of spare parts are the major reasons for the new prices.

“Fuel price is going high, spare parts are going high, in the whole Ghana cost of living is getting high. So, we too, we deserve to increase for us to also enjoy something small,” Mr Gbeshiagbe explains.

In the meantime, students express divergent views on the increment of fares. Whereas some of them support the idea, others would want the transport operators to maintain the fares at the old prices.

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