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Spintex Road Spintex Road

  • 218223
  • Spintex
  • Spintex Road
  • Spintex Road
  • 4
  • 4
  • 250.00
  • Aside from the perfect location that gives you access to all the major shopping outlets and fast food cafes in that side of town, this building is so ultramodern in its design that it's hard to believe it's not from a magazine. 4 bedrooms all en-suite with a chic guest bathroom.

    A lounge for the family and a more dignified living room for important guests. It features a fully fitted Italian kitchen with stainless steel finishing, wooden wall blinds and window blinds. Venetian glass windows that have been fitted to perfection outlines the lower and upper faces of the building.

    Tempered glass railings are layered on the balcony and the ease side of the premises. There is a landscaped garden with neatly manicured hedges, a paved walkway atop carpet grass on both sides of the building and neatly arranged decorative stones all to give it that look like it appeared right out of a magazine.

    The master bedroom is extremely spacious with luxurious designs and a walk in closet. This property is a steal at the offer price. Call for a viewing


    En-suite bathrooms
    Water heater
    Full Fitted kitchen


    Security doors
    Full en-suite bathrooms
    Landscaped gardens
    Walk in closet
    Eat-in kitchen
    Recessed lighting
    Floor to ceiling Windows