Press Releases of Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Source: NAFOP Greater Accra Secretary

A Press Release By Nana Addo For President 2012 (NAFOP)


Deliberate Attempt By Electoral Commission To Impose 45 New Constituencies On Ghanaians Could Spark War In Ghana.

The Greater Accra Region of Nana Addo for President 2012(NAFOP), is calling on the Electoral Commission of Ghana to desist from imposing 45 new constituencies on Ghanaians. This attempt to favour the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), is malicious, wicked and nonsensical.
Just three months to the general elections, Dr. Afari Djan still has the nerve to force Parliament to do the impossible. What does he stand to achieve in this diabolic act?
Today, the Electoral Commission cannot tell Ghanaians how many people have legally registered after the Biometric Registration. Yet their concentration is on the creation of constituencies at the behest of Government, under the leadership of President Mahama, who is throwing away Ghana’s resources going round the country on a ‘so-called’ thank you tour, claiming that this year’s election would be peaceful.
Election 2012 is going to mark a watershed in our political history, in the sense that it is going to give Ghanaians, as the adjudicators, an opportunity to pass a verdict of eight years of NPP administration, as against the total twelve years of the NDC administration in the 4th republic.
The Electoral Commission as the referee and independent body in this great political battle owes a duty to be fair enough to ensure that the election is free and fair without any hitches.
Dr Afari Djan cannot subvert the will of Ghanaians come 2012, because they have embraced Nana Addo’s policy of free School from Kindergarten to the Senior High Schools, the excellent modernization of our Health sector, and the opportunity for the youth to get unprecedented jobs in this country through competent leadership.
It is boldly written on the wall, that the NDC government has failed woefully and cannot bring any change in Ghana with only three months left. Therefore President John Mahama cannot hide behind Dr. Afari Djan and the Electoral Commission to rig this year’s election.
It is unprecedented that the Electoral Commission could supervise NDC primaries at the proposed Constituencies, whiles the proposed constituencies have not yet been created and gazetted by Parliament. Meanwhile other political parties such as PPP, CPP, and PNC etc. are watching helplessly without voicing out.
Ghana has come a long way since we began practicing democracy in this country and we would not allow what happened in Kenya and Ivory Coast to happen in this country come 2012.
We are therefore sending this clarion call to the Electoral Commission to put its home in order and avoid any push from the Government to create more constituencies in their favour. It should be noted that Ghanaians are wide awake and would never forgive President Mahama, the Electoral Commission and Dr. Afari Djan, in particular, if they fail to protect the infant democracy Ghana has fought for.
The EC must rather maintain the 230 constituencies for now. Refusal to heed to this advice could plunge this country into an irrevocable violence, especially before, during and after this year’s polls.
By this statement, we are calling on the International Community, all Embassies in Ghana, Christian Council of Ghana, all religious groups, National peace Council, Think Thank groups, stake holders and all well meaning Ghanaians to come out and condemn this diabolic act by the Electoral Commission and the NDC Government, which could plunge this nation into chaotic circumstances.
Thank You,


Joseph Otoo
(NAFOP Greater Accra Secretary)