Press Releases of Monday, 11 June 2012

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Northern Friends Of Dr.Ekwow Spio- Garbrah Upper West Region Branch (NOFSGA)


We the entire executives of NOFSGA of this region want to use this medium to first of all thank all our members for having been able to attend our last meeting which was held on the 09/06/2012 to marked one of our frequent and quarterly meeting were T Shirts and other paraphernalia of DR.EKWOW SPIO- GARBRAH were distributed to members to promote their high spirit. In addition, we want to thank our members within the region and elsewhere for the exhibition of maturity they have shown and will continue to show with regards to the happenings to our beloved party the National Democratic Congress (NDC).
Furthermore, we want to also send our kind gesture and our warmest appreciation and thanks to DR. EKWOW SPIO- GARBRAH for also showing a high sense of political, moral and human maturity and for not involving himself in the intra party issues that has engulfed our party recently between the Founder and the President. In addition, we recall that sometime in last two weeks DR. EKWOW SPIO- GARBRAH called on the Founder and the President to eschew their differences and forge ahead together for our party to retain power come December presidential and parliamentary election. . He called for a “ceasefire” from the various combatants in the two camps, and that call has helped to bring hope to many of us the many millions lower ranks in the NDC who suffer most when our leaders are fighting.
These latest statements and many other acts of DR.EKWOW SPIO –GARBRAH does not come to us and many others of our party as a surprise because we have always seen him to be a unifier, understanding, tolerant, obedient and God fearing Couple with the political experiences he gained from the NDC 1 era to NDC 2 in the year 2000 and other public sector and international experiences, he also stands tall in our party. We therefore will continue to call on the President to make good use of DR. EKWOW SPIO- GARBRAH by finding prominent roles for him in the government which will go a long way in disintegrating some of the division within our party and above all boost NDC fortunes in the near election. Even if we know that DR SPIO-GARBRAH is busy with Church and University activities, it is the interest of the Presidency and NDC 2012 campaign that leaders of the party like him are seen by we the ordinary members to be playing in the team. Otherwise, it means that we the hundred thousands who support him have no roles to play in the campaign.

NOFSGA will also use this medium to caution individuals who are bent in destroying the party that took us 8 years to come from opposition to send us back to opposition just in 4 years just because of their selfish and parochial interests to desist from that habit and to tell the younger Politian’s to learn to give respect to the elderly when and where this is due.
Finally, we remember the saying that “He who fights and run away lives to fight another day”, and by this we call on DR. EKWOW SPIO- GARBRAH not to shun any invitation to him to play more leading roles in the party or Atta Mills government.
Mohammed Sumaila