Press Releases of Wednesday, 11 April 2012

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Press Statement: Friends Of Dr. Spio- Northern Chapter

On the occasion of Easter, We the friends of Spio- Northern Chapter wish to extend our best wishes to the people of Ghana and our great Party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Jesus savior Christ.

This is a great opportunity for mankind to reconcile with each other first and with our creator. It is an opportunity for our party to walk towards unity and reconciliation, it is time for resurrection, time to return to the unity the once bonded us, our shared values. It is time to reconcile without laying blames, the solution lies in our collective efforts. We need to acknowledge reality that this is what we need most.

It is an undeniable fact that our great party the NDC has found itself in circumstances which could jeopardize our electoral victory in these coming elections. As strong members of this party who have solidly supported this party through thick and thin and have played a major role in seeing this great party once again come to power with the campaign of the principles and values of probity and accountability. We can’t all watch for the party to go back into opposition through inactions of others. Oppositions’ simply don’t win elections, the incumbent loose.

We are therefore calling on the party to take following steps before the campaign for election 2012 start:

• The council of Elders should be proactive and be seen working in uniting the party,
• Frame out a mechanism to unite the Founder and the president as soon as possible,
• Unite all other perceived factions with the party,
• Be in touch with the grassroots supporters and address all their concerns,
• The Government should be seen working with alongside with the party,
• Harmonize working relationship at all level of the party hierarchy
Whiles the Government has done tremendously well in terms of economic development in the last three years, it would be suicidal to bank our hopes on these achievements for victory in 2012. We need a full house, a full party, a unity front that will retire the opposition for at least the next four years. It is in the light of all these concerns that we are calling on the party hierarchy, the council of elders to show courage and move towards reconciliation. The crucification of Christ is meaningless without his resurrection. Resurrection signifies our ability to overcome the challenges that are deemed impossible. NDC is can achieve anything when we remain united. However failure is sparing in the face of the party if necessary steps are not taken to address this issues.
The party needs the same unity we had in winning the election 2008 to once again win the 2012 election. How we cannot achieve this if we continue to crucify each other and create more divisions within the party. The party, its executives, cadres, foot soldiers, members, supporters and floating voters, are all responsible for the electoral victory or failure for the party.
We the friends of Dr. Spio- Northern chapter, wish to urge the President as the Father for All, in this Easter season, to take the initiative to extend his hands of love and care in the spirit of unity to all people;
1. HE former President Rawlings , the wife, family and friend
2. Dismissed former ministers and DCEs
3. Cadres and foot soldiers who have been abandoned
4. Dr. Spio-Garbrah and the many Friends of Spio
6. Many more in the Party that have lost hope

We call on president Mills and the council of Elders and all meaning members of our great party to use this Easter Season to foster peace and unity within the party for victory in 2012. Let us remember that without unity, we fall.
Justice Batong Ali (0203810156)
Long Live President Mills
Long Live President Rawlings
Long Live NDC
Long Live Ghana