Press Releases of Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Source: National Service Personnel Association

Press Statement

The national leadership of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) wishes to express its gratitude to the government for the approval given to review upwards allowance paid to its members to be adjusted by twenty percent (20%) from GH¢202.90 to GH¢243.48.
Although the Association expected a higher percentage adjustment other than the 20%, it is still grateful to the government through the Management and Board of the National Service Scheme for making this move to reduce the financial burden fresh graduates are exposed to during their service period.
The Association will wish to urge government , as a matter of urgency, to speed up the process of effecting the payment of the increment.
The National Executive Committee of NASPA would also want to call on its District/Municipal/Metro and Regional branches of the Association to respect all channels of communication existing in the Association and also desist from putting out information in the media without due consultation with the Regional and National Executives.
The following channels of communication of addressing complaints for the NASPA should be adhered to as follows:
a. Concerns should first be raised with District/ Municipal/Metro NASPA executives. If unresolved;
b. Should be forwarded to Regional NASPA executives. If unresolved;
c. Should be forwarded to National NASPA for immediate redress.
The above channels of communication shall remain the legitimate procedures for addressing issues within the Association.
We wish to remind all National Service Personnel about their responsibility and commitment first to the nation, the Association and the National Service Scheme at large and should avoid negative reportage in the media which would only tarnish the image of the Association and the Scheme. Let’s bring out suggestions to improve upon the National Service Scheme bearing in mind our past, our present situations and what we seek to achieve in the near future.
Leadership would like to call on all National Service Personnel across the country to exhibit high spirit of volunteerism, patriotism and dedication to work and become change agents in society. NASPA! READY TO SERVE!