Press Releases of Friday, 20 January 2012

Source: Progressive Nationalist Forum

Reinstate Hon Martin Amidu Within 21 Working Days Or!!!

19th January, 2012

We the members of the Progressive Nationalist Forum (PNF) are appalled by the lack of sense of Judgement on the Part of the President and his decision to dismiss Hon Martin Amidu, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice. Mr Amidu was the only man of integrity left in the government with a sense of duty to the Republic of Ghana.
It has come to our notice that the President’s dismissal of Mr Amidu was to save his own skin, as a successful prosecution of the matter would have implicated the President in the scheme to deprive this country of such gargantuan sums of money. Information reaching us indicates President Mills chaired a cabinet meeting with 20 people in attendance in 2010, at which he authorised the payment of the money to Woyome.
Mr Martin Amidu’s insistence to prosecute the Woyome saga and to retrieve the money to the state is borne out of his sense of duty, his integrity and the fact that his conscience will not allow him to conceal such crime and an amount which could have successfully implemented SADA for the three Northern regions, the most impoverished parts of this country, and an area he hails from.
Notice is hereby served to all members of the PNF nationwide to prepare themselves for a massive demonstration in Tamale, against the President’s concealment of crime and corruption in his government, and his attempt to use Mr Amidu as a scape-goat. We are also appealing to all well meaning Ghanaians to get themselves in readiness to ensure that the moral conscience of this country, intergrity, probity and accountability are restored into our polity.
The President is hereby given 21 working days to reinstate Mr Martin Amidu to catch the criminals within the government or we the members of the PNF will lobby for impeachment proceedings to be instituted against him in accordance with articles 69 and 58 of the constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

We shall also demonstrate massively against the President in Tamale if the President fails to rescind his decision.
God bless our homeland Ghana.
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