Press Releases of Thursday, 30 June 2011

Source: IMASS

International movement against same-sex

The international movement against same-sex (IMASS) has observed with shock the silence of the government, the entire political leadership of the country, and traditional authorities on the deadly homosexual assault against Ghana. Ghana ;a country of rich religious and traditional values has been bombarded with news of homosexual activities and assaults on some campuses as well as the open practice of the evil and criminal acts. It is clear per the criminal law of the state that this activity is completely and absolutely a crime punishable by imprisonment .Not only the above, the traditional and religious values of this Nation deeply frowns on homosexual activities. It is therefore intriguing to the members of this movement that those who hold the destiny of the country in their hands are silent and seemed unconcerned. The International movement against same-sex sees homosexuality as a coup d’état against nature and civility of society. The Movement therefore charges the aforementioned institutions to rise and fight against homosexual activities with urgency .It must be noted that homosexuality is a backward, uncivilized, inhuman activity that draws a nation back spiritually and development-wise. All the laws, traditions, norms and conventions against same-sex must be invoked to fight against it and eliminate it in our society. The government must establish rehabilitation centers for those who wants to give up that act in order to reform them. The International movement against same sex will soon start crusades in schools, churches and mosques as well as public places and in the media to expose the dangers of homosexual activities across the country.

(Prince Osei Tutu)
Executive secretary-IMASS
(president, national youth leadership forum-ghana)
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