Press Releases of Sunday, 26 June 2011

Source: NDC Youth Activists Group

Statement on the Formation of Youth for Action

(YfA); an NDC Youth Activists Group

Introduction This statement is being released to announce the presence of a gathering of NDC youth activists under the umbrella of a youth group called YOUTH for ACTION (YfA). Youth for Action (YfA) recognises the role young people play in building a nation, especially in the struggle by political parties for power and believes that the voice and enthusiasm of the youth during campaigns must not come to an end once a party wins power and forms a government.

The YfA was formed to work closely with young political activists who strongly share in the ideals of the National Democratic Congress. The group seeks to engage NDC youth activists in more meaningful ways, tap into their energies and make them feel cared for. YfA will lead these youth activists to undertake activities that will help maintain a permanent campaign operation that constantly reconnects the party to voters in order to keep the NDC in government.


The YfA is run by a National Executive Coordinating Team, led by the National Coordinator. It has ten Regional Coordinators with hundreds of NDC members signed up to be members. The group’s membership drive is in full force with many party youth waiting to be registered.

Aspirations of the NDC Youth

Having contributed tremendously to NDC’s victory in 2008, the youth expected from the party in government programmes and policies that would inure to the benefit of the youth who worked tirelessly as volunteers and grassroots organisers. The NDC youth expected the government to activate a well thought through plan to engage party members not only based on their proximity to the higher echelons of power but also on the levels of their qualifications and contributions to the social democratic cause and the campaign. This expectation is hinged on the fact that the NDC believes in grassroots participation.

Where is the strategic plan for the youth? Where is the youth leadership? Youth leadership has been very silent and docile. Looking on unconcerned as the NDC youth drift into the regrettable state of despondency and despair. After 2008, the NDC youth were confident of the return of the values of probity, accountability and justice, to rebuild our society. But where are the corrupt NPP government officials that we spoke of in 2008, the killers of Ya Na, Issah Mobilla, just to mention a few. The question is if an NDC government fails to live up to its core principles and values, then what would be the basis for a 2012 campaign?

Conclusion. With a leader of the party who has failed to steer the affairs of state closely in line with the core values and aspirations of the NDC and thereby bringing disappointment to the NDC youth in the process, we believe leaving in place a leader who has presided over the neglect of the party youth structures would be a suicide mission for the party!

We must halt the decline and restore hope to the NDC youth and the country. The YfA therefore holds the firm belief that the presidential candidature of Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings (Dr.) on the ticket of the NDC would be the first step to protecting the survival of the NDC, giving more voice to the NDC youth and restoring hope to Ghanaians.

A vote for Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings would be a vote for a bold, consistent and philosophically progressive leadership for the NDC, and Ghana!

Signed Dr. David Sunu Mr. Afari Jones Jnr (National Coordinator) (Deputy National Coordinator) 020 8998220 0264 858080