Press Releases of Wednesday, 31 March 2010

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Decision To Delay Appointment Of Deputies Is Unconstitutional And Unwise.

The decision of the National Executive Committee at a meeting held at the Party headquarters on the 30.03.10 to delay the appointment of the deputy party officials until after the flagberarer is chosen is completely unwise and unconstitutional. The NPP constitution under Article 9, 2 (i) details the membership of the National Executive Committee which includes the deputy offices.

I am outraged that such a decision could be taken without due consideration to the significance of such roles and the wisdom behind the decision of The National Congress to endorse that the Party requires more hands at the helms of affairs to help with the day to day management and organisation of the Party.

We cannot continue to be managing the Party around personalities. The NPP is a mass movement and should be seen as such. We must all work collectively to see the realisation of an efficiently managed and organised party ready for the elections now and at all times. I therefore think such a decision to immediately not to fill in the “direly” needed vacancies now is totally unacceptable and flawed.

It is in this regard that I call on the National Executive Committee to review the decision and allow for immediate appointment of all the deputies to compliment the work of the elected Party officers.

Some have argued rather ridiculously that due to the intense lobbying, mistakes might be made in the choice of the so many party qualified people asking to be given the opportunity to serve the Party. This is a fallacy and should not be taken seriously.

Thank you.

Musah Superior NPP Member Tamale Central +447931915042