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Various Surveys/Poll Results

DatePoll Question
2007-12-23Top Story in 2007
2007-11-13In general, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in Ghana
2007-08-13Favourite Private Press Editor
2007-02-21Ghana@50: Should President Kufuor have worn a traditional attire?
2006-11-30Top Story for 2006
2006-02-01How would you rate the State of the nation (Ghana)
2006-01-26Hon. Amoateng, MP arrested in US on drug-related charges, should ..
2006-01-05News (printed) Media of the Year 2005
2005-12-20News of the year 2005
2005-02-03Are you satisfied wirh the "State of the Country" ?
2004-12-18Top News of 2004
2004-06-22Council of State: Should it be abolished?
2004-02-25Which form/source of energy should Ghana invest her future
2004-01-23Ya Na's Murder: Was there a conspiracy?
2003-12-22Personality of the Year 2003
2003-12-17Top Story for 2003
2003-10-08Ghanaweb is trying to undermine the gov't -Minister Akuffo-Addo: Do u agree?
2003-07-09Do you plan on buying or building a house in Ghana?
2003-04-27How did you first HEAR/FIND about/out the GhanaHomePage (
2003-02-2747 Years of ....
2003-02-19Your Opinion Of Ghana's Supreme Court
2002-12-27Person of the Year for 2002
2002-11-24Local paper you trust to present unbaised report of events in Ghana
2002-09-22How much trust & confidence do u have at this time in the Judiciary branch headed by the Supreme Cou
2002-07-29Peduase Lodge in total ruins: What should be done?
2002-06-27Best technical invention (useful appliances) of our time
2002-06-27Supreme Court Reversal of Fast Track Court Decision: Law or Politics?
2002-01-02Person of the Year 2001