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Ghanaweb Poll
Ghana 0 Saudi Arabia 5: What went wrong?
Ill Prepared
Over Confidence
Saudis were simply better
Tactics/Wrong selection
Weather: Too Hot

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DatePoll Question
2008-11-18Which club will u like to see Stephen Appiah play
2008-01-25In general, what is your opinion of the Ghana Football Association
2008-01-13Black Stars Best Match at CAN2008
2007-09-13Ghana 2-1 Guinea: Man of the match
2007-06-19Ghana 0 Saudi Arabia 5: What went wrong?
2007-06-14Stephen Appiah: Where should he go?
2007-04-18Players Abroad: Best of the Season 2006-07
2006-10-03Which of our strikers abroad has impressed you the most so far THIS SEASON?
2006-08-11Brazil-Ghana: Ghana's Best player
2006-07-15Which one will you most like to see Ghana meet in a friendly
2006-05-14Ghana 0-3 Brazil: What went wrong?
2006-04-30His absence will spell disaster for Ghana's World Cup
2006-03-03How far will Ghana go in the World Cup?
2006-02-01MAJOR reason for black star's dismal performance ?
2006-01-28Senegal-Ghana: Best Ghanaian Player
2006-01-15Best Ghanaian Player in Ghana-Nigeria match
2005-10-17Your Choice For Next GFA Chairman
2005-09-12Should Abedi Pele be recalled to play in the World Cup?
2005-01-25Germany'06: Which City will you like to see Ghana Play group matches
2004-12-27Sportsman of 2004
2004-08-14Black Stars next coach - Your choice
2004-07-26Who is likely to win a medal for Ghana at the Olympics
2004-03-18Ghana Best Striker (retired) 1970 - 1999
2004-03-10Which will you prefer
2004-02-25Ghana's best goalkeeper of all time
2004-01-02Tunsia 2004: Who was to blame for Ghana's absence?
2003-12-19Top Soccer Story for 2003
2003-10-12Premier League Player of the Season
2003-07-30Your Opinion on the appointment of Ralph Zumdick (Blackstars Coach)
2003-07-08Failure To Qualify For Tunisia '02: Who bares most of the blame?
2003-06-13BEN KOUFIE: Is he the right man for Ghana Football Ass. (GFA)?
2003-06-06Should Burkhard Ziese be sacked as Ghana coach?
2003-05-04Ghanaians ABROAD: Player of the season 2002-03
2003-02-19Which One of these players of Ghanaian Parentage should be invited to the blackstars
2003-02-11Who is Ghana's best player abroad at the moment
2003-01-21Your choice from GFA's shortlist for National Soccer Coach
2003-01-02Who is to blame for the current state of Ghana Soccer
2002-12-21Local Player of the Year
2002-11-24Club of the Year
2002-10-30Who should be given the national team job?
2002-10-16Should Afranie be made the permanent coach of blackstars
2002-10-02Who is to blame for the National Coach's - Ziva - resignation
2002-10-02Ghana's Best Ever Local National Coach
2002-09-24Ghana's Best Ever Foreign Coach was...
2002-09-14Do you think Ghana will qualify to the 2004 ACN finals?
2002-08-29What/Who was the cause of Ghana's lose to Uganda
2002-08-12Who will win the league?
2002-07-08How many gold medals will Ghana win at the Commonwealth Games?
2002-07-08Williams sisters will be in Ghana. Who else would u like to see visit?
2002-07-05Which is the most SUITABLE European League for Ghanaian players?
2002-06-24Who has been the most outstanding player of the World Cup?
2002-05-05Which African nation is most likely to progress the furthest in the Japan/Korea?
2002-05-05Ghanaweb's Ghanaian-in-Europe Footballer of the Season is: (Criteria: Played over 50% of matches)
2002-04-28Your Opinion on the appointment of Zivadinovic Millan (Blackstars Coach)
2002-04-23Who is mainly to blame for Ghana's inability to qualify for the WC
2002-04-17Did Kuffour deserve the African footballer of the Year title ?
2002-04-05Cast Your Vote For FiFa Presidency