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Lifestyle Survey/Poll Results

Ghanaweb Poll
What is the best age for women to have a baby?
18 - 25
25 - 30

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DatePoll Question
2008-12-10If the elctions were held today, which party will u vote for
2005-09-16What is the best age for women to have a baby?
2005-09-10Under all forms of marriages in Ghana, polygamy should be ...
2005-07-10What's most important to you? Your:
2003-11-02Should an affair mean the end of a marriage?
2003-08-24You are attracted to a married person who hits on you. Do you act on your desires?
2003-06-28Gay marriages: Should they be legal in Ghana?
2003-06-28Should parents be allowed to smack/whip/beat their children
2003-05-18Do you feel that homosexuality should be considered an acceptable alternative lifestyle or not?
2002-07-22What is the ideal number of children to have?
2002-07-14Cannabis: should it be legalized?