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DatePoll Question
2008-08-20Do you support the sale of 70% of Ghana telecom to Vodaphone
2007-10-07Economic conditions in Ghana as a whole are ...
2007-08-21Does the NDC deserve a second Term
2007-07-24In general, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in Ghana.
2007-06-25Oil Discovery: Blessing, Curse or Hype
2007-04-10Which approach to solving the nation's energy problems should Ghana follow
2006-11-30Do you think the economy is ...
2005-04-12Has the Presidential Special Initiatives (PSI) benefited the economy?
2005-01-25Grade ex-Finance minister, Osafo-Maafo's, handling of the economy
2004-08-14Ghana Airways: Who bears MAJOR blame for the current crisis?
2004-05-01$300 Million CNT Loan is
2004-01-29Ghana's Economy: Is it getting better or worse?
2003-12-29VALCO: Should the State buy it ?
2003-10-29Ashanti-Anglogold Merger: Is it in the interest of Ghana?
2003-10-19HIPC: Has it helped Ghana?
2003-09-19Financial Situation of Most Ghanaians Since Kufuor Became President
2003-08-30Single West African Currency: Should Ghana Join ?
2003-01-26How much are you prepared to donate to aid indebted TOR?
2003-01-18100% Increase in prices of petroleum products is
2002-11-04How much Impact will Kufuor’s trips have on foreign investment in Ghana?
2002-10-12Is the economy on the right track?
2002-07-11International Finance Consortium (IFC) Loan: Scam or Genuine?
2002-07-09Govt's introduction of higher currency denominations
2002-07-09Ghana's Economy Outlook: Are u Optimistic or Pessimistic?
2002-05-05Should the CEO of VRA, Wereko-Brobbey, be dismissed?
2002-02-28Should the gov't of Ghana retain its Golden Share in Ashanti Goldfields
2002-02-18Should Ghana Airways be Privatized?