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Poll Archive 2003

DatePoll Question
2003-12-29VALCO: Should the State buy it ?
2003-12-22Personality of the Year 2003
2003-12-19Top Soccer Story for 2003
2003-12-17Top Story for 2003
2003-12-04Courage Quashigah: Is Agriculture in safe hands?
2003-11-30Osafo-Maafo: Is the economy in safe hands?
2003-11-21If the elections were held today, which party will u vote for
2003-11-16Tribalism: Is it on the increase or decrease?
2003-11-14Iraq: Should Ghana offer troops to help the coalition forces?
2003-11-07Should the state fund political parties?
2003-11-02Should an affair mean the end of a marriage?
2003-11-02Ghana-USA non-surrender agreement : What best describes the ratification
2003-10-29Ashanti-Anglogold Merger: Is it in the interest of Ghana?
2003-10-25Zero Tolerance For Corruption: Results So Far ...
2003-10-19HIPC: Has it helped Ghana?
2003-10-12I consider myself a(n)
2003-10-12Premier League Player of the Season
2003-10-12President Kufuor claims his govt is the best Ghana have had since independence
2003-10-08Ghanaweb is trying to undermine the gov't -Minister Akuffo-Addo: Do u agree?
2003-10-02Purchase of voter registration & election material: Who's responsibility
2003-09-19Financial Situation of Most Ghanaians Since Kufuor Became President
2003-09-14Do you think President Kufuor deserves to be re-elected or time for someone new?
2003-09-06$15,000 For Speaker's Holiday: Do u accept finance minister's justification?
2003-08-30Single West African Currency: Should Ghana Join ?
2003-08-26Can Boakye-Gyan be trusted to tell the truth?
2003-08-24In general, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in Ghana at this time?
2003-08-24You are attracted to a married person who hits on you. Do you act on your desires?
2003-08-22Who was the FUNNIEST of the Osofo Dadzie Group
2003-08-19Ghana has over 70 ministers & deputies: What would be an ideal number
2003-08-10Office of Accountability: Best described as....
2003-07-30If the elections were held today, which party would you vote for
2003-07-30Your Opinion on the appointment of Ralph Zumdick (Blackstars Coach)
2003-07-16Dr. Apraku: Is he still fit to be in Government?
2003-07-09Do you plan on buying or building a house in Ghana?
2003-07-08Failure To Qualify For Tunisia '02: Who bares most of the blame?
2003-06-28Has the Government delivered on domestic issues?
2003-06-28Gay marriages: Should they be legal in Ghana?
2003-06-28Should parents be allowed to smack/whip/beat their children
2003-06-25Should Ghanaians living abroad have Parliamentary Seat(s) ?
2003-06-18Chieftancy: Is it still relevant in modern day Ghana?
2003-06-13US Military Base In Ghana: Are you in favour?
2003-06-13BEN KOUFIE: Is he the right man for Ghana Football Ass. (GFA)?
2003-06-06Should Burkhard Ziese be sacked as Ghana coach?
2003-06-05In Your Opinion, Which Coup Was "Justified" ?
2003-06-02What do you think of National Reconcilliation Comission
2003-05-18Do you feel that homosexuality should be considered an acceptable alternative lifestyle or not?
2003-05-18Do you believe ex-Corporal Adubuga's story about Rawlings?
2003-05-04Do you approve/disapprove of the way John Kufuor is handling his job as president?
2003-05-04Ghanaians ABROAD: Player of the season 2002-03
2003-04-27How did you first HEAR/FIND about/out the GhanaHomePage (
2003-04-23If u were asked to use one of these 5 names for your social class, which would you say you belong in
2003-04-23Did the Govt do the right thing in letting Charles Taylor "Escape"
2003-04-17How would you rate the Ghana Embassy/High Comission closest to you
2003-03-17Who Is The Dopest Rapper?
2003-03-14Most IRRELEVANT Ministry/Post; Merge or scrape it!
2003-03-12Should Northern Region be split into 2 regions?
2003-02-2747 Years of ....
2003-02-19Your Opinion Of Ghana's Supreme Court
2003-02-19Which One of these players of Ghanaian Parentage should be invited to the blackstars
2003-02-12Policies being proposed by John Kufuor in state of nation address will move the country in
2003-02-11Who is Ghana's best player abroad at the moment
2003-01-26How much are you prepared to donate to aid indebted TOR?
2003-01-21Your choice from GFA's shortlist for National Soccer Coach
2003-01-19Kufuor Administration: Two years of ....
2003-01-18100% Increase in prices of petroleum products is
2003-01-11Is there currently a civil war in Iraq?
2003-01-10President Kufuor's Portrait on stamp:
2003-01-04Should Government Give Christmas Gifts?
2003-01-02Who is to blame for the current state of Ghana Soccer