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Poll Archive 2002

DatePoll Question
2002-12-27Person of the Year for 2002
2002-12-21If elections were held today, in a 2-way race who will u vote for president
2002-12-21Local Player of the Year
2002-12-14Do you approve/disapprove of the way is John Kufuor is handling the economy?
2002-12-03Should the Law on Causing Financial Loss be Scrapped?
2002-12-01Should Osafo-Maafo, Minister of Finance, resign over the IFC Loan fiasco
2002-11-24Local paper you trust to present unbaised report of events in Ghana
2002-11-24Club of the Year
2002-11-11IFC Loan Controversy: Has your opinion of the NPP Govt...
2002-11-04How much Impact will Kufuor’s trips have on foreign investment in Ghana?
2002-10-30Who should be given the national team job?
2002-10-30Number of MPs/constituencies appropriate for Ghana:
2002-10-24Punishment for convicted rapist
2002-10-21Polygamy: Should it be made illegal in Ghana?
2002-10-16Should Afranie be made the permanent coach of blackstars
2002-10-12Your choice for the NDC Presidential slot in 2004
2002-10-12Is the economy on the right track?
2002-10-02Who is to blame for the National Coach's - Ziva - resignation
2002-10-02Ghana's Best Ever Local National Coach
2002-09-29Ivory Coast Crisis: What should Ghana Govt Do ?
2002-09-24Ghana's Best Ever Foreign Coach was...
2002-09-22How much trust & confidence do u have at this time in the Judiciary branch headed by the Supreme Cou
2002-09-22How much trust & confidence do you have at this time in the Executive branch headed by the President
2002-09-14Do you think Ghana will qualify to the 2004 ACN finals?
2002-09-10Right-Hand Steering Vehicles Importation should be
2002-09-01If elections were held today, in a 2-way race who will u vote for president
2002-08-29What/Who was the cause of Ghana's lose to Uganda
2002-08-27Iraq attack: Ghana Should....
2002-08-20Rawlings Speech: Did he break the law?
2002-08-12"Kufuor gov't is one of the worst in Ghana's history". Do u agree with Rawlings' statement?
2002-08-12Who will win the league?
2002-08-05Should the constitution be ammended so MPs can't be Ministers?
2002-07-29Peduase Lodge in total ruins: What should be done?
2002-07-24President Kufuor's Portrait on new currency notes: Does he deserve it?
2002-07-22What is the ideal number of children to have?
2002-07-14Cannabis: should it be legalized?
2002-07-11International Finance Consortium (IFC) Loan: Scam or Genuine?
2002-07-09Govt's introduction of higher currency denominations
2002-07-09Ghana's Economy Outlook: Are u Optimistic or Pessimistic?
2002-07-08How many gold medals will Ghana win at the Commonwealth Games?
2002-07-08Williams sisters will be in Ghana. Who else would u like to see visit?
2002-07-05Which is the most SUITABLE European League for Ghanaian players?
2002-06-29Who should lead NPP in 2004?
2002-06-27Best technical invention (useful appliances) of our time
2002-06-27Supreme Court Reversal of Fast Track Court Decision: Law or Politics?
2002-06-24Who has been the most outstanding player of the World Cup?
2002-06-23Where do you live?
2002-06-18What should President Kufuor do with the Presidential jet?
2002-06-15"Achievements of the Kufuor administration in the past 18 mths surpasses those of all other gov't."
2002-06-10What age limit should the govt place on imported vehicles
2002-06-10Which of the following NPP's pre-election promise/slogan has been completely ignored
2002-05-25Rate the government's handling of the Yaa Naa death/Yendi conflict:
2002-05-11Do you approve or disapprove of the way John Kufuor is handling his job as president?
2002-05-05Which African nation is most likely to progress the furthest in the Japan/Korea?
2002-05-05Ghanaweb's Ghanaian-in-Europe Footballer of the Season is: (Criteria: Played over 50% of matches)
2002-05-05Should the CEO of VRA, Wereko-Brobbey, be dismissed?
2002-04-28Obed Asamoah's Election as Chairman of NDC is
2002-04-28Your Opinion on the appointment of Zivadinovic Millan (Blackstars Coach)
2002-04-23Who is mainly to blame for Ghana's inability to qualify for the WC
2002-04-22Most productive/effective minister
2002-04-17Did Kuffour deserve the African footballer of the Year title ?
2002-04-17President Kufuor, Get rid of him/her
2002-04-05Cast Your Vote For FiFa Presidency
2002-04-03Euthanasia (Mercy Killing): Should it be legalized in Ghana?
2002-04-02Ghana should throw her weight behind
2002-04-02What do you think is the most important problem facing Ghana today?
2002-03-15Timing of the nomination of Justice Afreh to the Supreme Court was
2002-03-03Abuja summit: Is the Commonwealth relevant?
2002-02-28Do u agree with the Supreme Court's Decision on FTC
2002-02-28Should the gov't of Ghana retain its Golden Share in Ashanti Goldfields
2002-02-18Should Ghana Airways be Privatized?
2002-02-03Which of the ff. comments best describes Kufuor’s sessional address
2002-01-13Do you approve or disapprove of the way John Kufuor is handling his job as president?
2002-01-02Person of the Year 2001