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We don’t want an ECOWAS register in Ghana – Akufo-Addo

Comment: Disappointed and Sad

2020-06-30 10:09:03
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We don’t want an ECOWAS register in Ghana – Ak

I'm a cop, and when Prez Nana came I was satisfied and have all my trust and hope in him that he will do better not because I think Fmr Prez Mahama did not do anything at all but looking at his age and team, I was convinced that he did not need anything from us or Ghana but came to make a name that will remain forever. I was totally disappointed when Kennedy Agyapong started bragging on net2 tv and Asempa FM that they made Soldiers life better. Nana gave them a lot of money which is the 40% + the 12% percent increment we all heard about .It's good soldiers lives matter seriously and they deserve it but Did Nana who I trusted a lot wanted to tell me we the police, customs, prisons, and fire services do not matter?.We might be useless to them but they should tell Ken we're also going to vote so Ken and the other NPP communicators should not be reminding us of it. "A MONKEY AND GORILLA CAN CLAIM LIKENESS BUT A MONKEY IS A MONKEY AND THE GORILLA A GORILLA . and A monkey said the person who insulted him does not cause him any pain but the person who said hahaha look at monkey's face caused him a great pain".My advice to the Mr Prez is you can't have twins and be treating one specially and always demonizing the other. We have families that the little we take trickle down to and they listen to us, so I'm pleading with NANA never to take us for granted because a lot of the men in the aforementioned Security services are seriously ANGRY!."I THIEF TELL YOU Mr President."yooo!

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06-30 08:15
Disappointed and Sad
06-30 10:09