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Ketu South brouhaha: 'We fear nobody, you've lit the fire and we're ready' – NDC Volta Caucus

Comment: If you don’t like it go burn the sea.

John Jon
2020-06-29 17:47:20
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Ketu South brouhaha: 'We fear nobody, you've lit t

Mr Emmanuel Bedzra, you don’t have to fear the military. They there to do a job to ensure fair and peaceful registration.
Rawlings should shut up. He is no longer in government. We know what you did when you were head of the government in your time. Please don’t go there.
Mahama, shut the fuck up. In your time, you were supposed to serve and protect Ghana, instead you created loot and share. Airbus bribery, Turkey Energy Plant bribery, Four Helicopters scandal and you’ve got the effontly to speak? Shameless mother fucker. We cannot afford for you to come and steal this election again. Go away.
That professor who spoke does not know what the fuck he’s saying. He’s a classical idiot and ignorant. These are a bunch of idiots. We cannot and will not let the military folks leave Ketu or Oti. The people appreciate the presence of the military. They cannot afford to have foreigners come and vote to decide their fate for them.
Mr. K.T. Hammond is exactly right. He has hit the nail on the head. Those who don’t like the presence of the military can go and burn the sea or can go eat shit and die.

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06-29 12:46
If you don’t like it go burn the sea.
John Jon
06-29 17:47