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Your 'intransigent behaviour' doesn't befit the EC - Kwesi Pratt rebukes commissioners

Comment: if u hate pratt, it means u love lies

Rogue Lawyer
2020-05-31 06:53:19
Comment to:

let us try to understand you better, in npp are saying EC is independent
2. you same persons if the public direct their thoughts, anger and comments to the same stupidities of the EC then you still say that person is attacking your government led by Auffu Addo the certless lawyer why

3.akwasi pratts has known to be a person who speaks his mind and become angry anytime in his diagnosis found lies ,
in the history of our 4th republic, Ghana has not had a government or president whose daily foods are lies than this Akuffu Addo government, does why you had problems with Kwasi pratt,

4. it is never true that kwasi pratt did not critics jdm government all some comment are on youtube, you would like Akwasi pratt, if you hate lies , and you would hate him if you love lies

if the EC is independent, and you think npp hands are not in their evil and lack of common sense in their doings, then stop defending the ECs and allow Ghanains to face them squarely , at long last we all in democracy and the people has every right to commend or critics those in power who are paid by the taxpayers money

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05-31 01:53
if u hate pratt, it means u love lies
Rogue Lawyer
05-31 06:53