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Your 'intransigent behaviour' doesn't befit the EC - Kwesi Pratt rebukes commissioners

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Rogue Lawyer
2020-05-31 06:30:53
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WHY, think about this

in additions, remember, the leader of the liars episode in the bible ? who could convince me that this government is truthful to Ghanaians ? 1.Bawimia is an agent of the liars selected by a liar 2. JEAN mENSAH appointed by Akuffu Addo is a liar supported by her 2 lairs
3.ofori Atta, is a lair appointed by his uncle Akuffu Addo and the list goes on

looking at all these, the numerous promises , dugout is now a dam Free ShS IS NOW deception of the day because red, blue, green traffic lights and the cost in this policy cannot be described as truely free so it is a lies

if you put all these together, could you say Akuffu Addo was brought by God ? if the answer is no then who brought him ?
the leader of liars liar is satan- trully so, because by their deads we shall knows them.

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05-31 01:53
Re: WHY, think about this
Rogue Lawyer
05-31 06:30