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Your 'intransigent behaviour' doesn't befit the EC - Kwesi Pratt rebukes commissioners

Comment: WHY, think about this

Rogue Lawyer
2020-05-31 06:17:02
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Your 'intransigent behaviour' doesn't befit the EC

The evil deals of william Dankwa kwaku, who was sent by the devil is edging this country into fear and panic.

everybody should remember the biblical Egypt and exodus,
it was stiff necking that brought all the calamities to some innocent Egyptians, to face famine , droughts death of first born, etc

is ECs led by jasibe painted face different from that common sense ? who is refusing to listen to good counsels and wisdom ?

anytime somebody start misbehaving, stiffnecking that does not based on good reasons, divines and holy, but has resorted to powers untrusted in him, to use security forces to gain what he want, know for sure that she was sent by the devil , to kill, steal and destroy.

and he quote the bible, "who could go to the strongs man house , to steal without killing the strongman first ?" THE DEVIL in this ECs and their mission appointer and appointment has set their foot into the strongmans house to steal.

why is it that everywhere Akuffu Addo goes, confusion becomes the bread of the day , since exprek4 left office, npp has never had peace, attractive, and wisdom does not prevail in common sense issues ? rules are broken, respect of the law is no more to be guided, and cutting corners becomes the route to anything to circumvents the systems.

all must speak volume for the leader.

and remember, when the righteous lead the nations prosperity joy and wealth creations follows but when the evil led the nation, anger, blasphemy and chaos becomes the visuals,

a word to the wise is enough

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05-31 01:53
WHY, think about this
Rogue Lawyer
05-31 06:17