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Your 'intransigent behaviour' doesn't befit the EC - Kwesi Pratt rebukes commissioners

Comment: Too much insults here

2020-05-31 04:11:30
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Your 'intransigent behaviour' doesn't befit the EC

It is a shame that all we do here is to insult each other and insult anyone who we disagree with. The sad part of it is that none of Nana Addo or Mahama's kids is here doing what we do here. Some of you will remain here insulting people till their kids come back to "rule" us. We blindly follow political parties along ethnic and religious lines. We are heading in the wrong direction, my brothers and sisters. Pause and think o. We may think that we are invincible now but when our insults go beyond this page, no one will ask you whether you are NDC or NPP. Your grandmother in the village who doesn't know the source of the war will suffer for no reason. Brothers and sisters, THINK and be wise. God bless our homeland Ghana.

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05-31 01:53
Too much insults here
05-31 04:11