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Kofi Bentil, Kofi Capito are principled and honest few among hypocrites – A Plus

Comment: mahama should be smart.

2019-12-19 23:15:48
Comment to:
This A Plus guy thinks he's smart

spend all your money to this stupid full is not gonna happen. ghana is wise now not on this stupid full who is greedy bastard looking to be rich by all means,where is kofi adams? eiii kofi your body is back oooo, so be careful ooo. don't let him see all your secret ooo else he will blow it out again. remember the day your chop your girl in your car ooo kofi.this guy blow it out, even in his song he mention your name in Ab3m b3bum.

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12-16 08:24
mahama should be smart.
12-19 23:15