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Kofi Bentil, Kofi Capito are principled and honest few among hypocrites – A Plus

Comment: Say what Npp is doing right also. Skin p

Stone. Christianburg,Osu Accra
2019-12-16 10:28:58
Comment to:
Kofi Bentil, Kofi Capito are the true definition o

A-Plus please tell Ghanaians what Mahama is coming to do differently this time. The same old policies that took Ghana to IMF or the Collaspe of NHIS? Or to unprecedented unemployment? You are behaving as if Ghana was rosy under Mahama. 3yrs is not enough to criticize a government that inherited all that mess and debt. Mahama cancelled Nurses and teachers allowances,raised taxes on everything from utilities to condoms, without free SHS. Please to make you more credible say what this government is doing right also. There are 2 sides of a coin. Abi university graduates like you are not stupid like a foot soldier. Talk sense small. Skinpain will kill you

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12-16 08:24
Say what Npp is doing right also. Skin p
Stone. Christianburg,Osu Accra
12-16 10:28